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"It's the quality of one's conviction that determines success, not the number of followers." ~ Remus Lupin
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So don’t run, don’t hide it will be all right you’ll see, trust me I’ll be there watching over you - SN: 10x02
Brother Bear - Phil Collins

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demon!dean being a cutie

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dean dear;  spn;  

dean in 8.01

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Pick a bloody side!

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Watch pygmy seahorses, animals smaller than paperclips, master the art of camouflage.

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photos by orsolya haarberg in iceland

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Flea Promises ‘Introspective,’ ‘Super Danceable’ New RHCP Album

When Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded their last record, 2011’s I’m With You, it was a different experience for the group. “We had a new guitar player [Josh Klinghoffer] and it was a real feeling-out process with each other,” Flea tells Rolling Stone. “We didn’t want to play gigs with him until we’d made a new record. This time, it feels a lot better than the last one.”

Now that the band has spent some time on the road with Klinghoffer, the bassist says they’ve been able to “establish a new language” within the group. With the group beginning work on their new record, this new connection is making everything easier and the process is moving smoothly. “We’ve been writing and rehearsing, rolling up our sleeves, getting in the studio and doing it,” the bassist says. “We’re nearly finished writing. We’ll go in the studio sometime in the next couple of months.”

As for the direction of the as-yet-untitled songs, he says, “It’s cool. It’s super danceable, funky shit and some real introspective, pretty stuff. It feels good, man, and it’s fun to play it.”

Although Flea won’t offer a timeline for the album – “I don’t want to say something and be off,” he says – he’s optimistic for how it’s coming along. “I would hope that in a year from now, we have a record out and we’re on a world tour,” he says.

Source: Rolling Stone

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Iceland, just the hint of the aurora looking out to the mountains beyond Thingvellir. A perfect night.

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Eventually whenever Pavlov heard a bell ring he had an uncontrollable urge to feed a dog.

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